Welcome. We are an architecture and interiors studio that believes in the power of thoughtful design to better connect us to the built environment, the landscape, and each other. Our process is equal parts creativity and pragmatism –so that our work draws out the strongest potential of any site, the resources at hand, and ultimately, the experience of our clients. Design is both a process and an adventure; we see ourselves as both your partner and guide. We look forward to hearing from you.

Box on the Rock:
A name helps keep us focused on keeping it simple>

The affectionately named ‘Box on the Rock’ is a response to a difficult site –with shallow underground waterways popping up in unexpected and unwanted locations– which needed relatively expensive pier foundations. Given this challenge, we minimized the number of piers by creating a compact footprint to build a new ‘ground’ / platform perched on the rocks with the home on top. From there, we carved out protected outdoor spaces and customized the home’s overhangs to have outdoor options for sun and shade throughout the day. Viewed from below, the home appears to be a lone outpost settling the higher ground of the undisturbed natural site –a box on the rock.

Noe Valley Home:
: An oversized sculptural stair unlocks potential in a constricted urban home>

The stadium-style staircase at the heart of this home on a tight urban site made clever use of the otherwise unusable space above the ceiling of a new ramp to the garage below. We then took inspiration from this slyly monumental move –in the middle of a narrow home– by allowing the stairwells at each level to take on their own character and shift location as they meander up and down the house. Our goal was for the staircases to unite the home and make it feel far larger than its actual square footage.

Twist and Turn Screen:
Leaning into a material’s latent desire to twist and turn yields unexpected beauty>

We love it when a client asks, “Have you done this before?” and then trusts us to keep going when we say, “Never!” After fretting over how to keep this wood screen ‘perfect,’ we finally leaned into the potential beauty of the imperfect. Instead of fighting nature’s latent desires, we gave into the screen’s impulse to crook, cup, bow, and twist.

Dazaun Soleyn:

Dazaun Soleyn graduated as the University of South Florida’s Outstanding Graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Modern Dance Performance and Choreography in 2014. Upon graduation, Dazaun joined the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program and has been actively presenting choreographic work in the Bay Area ever since. In 2020, Dazaun began a Master of Architecture at the California College of the Arts and joined S^A as a Designer in the Spring of 2022.

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