Welcome. We are an architecture and interiors studio that believes in the power of thoughtful design to better connect us to the built environment, the landscape, and each other. Our process is equal parts creativity and pragmatism –so that our work draws out the strongest potential of any site, the resources at hand, and ultimately, the experience of our clients. Design is both a process and an adventure; we see ourselves as both your partner and guide. We look forward to hearing from you.

Portola Valley Home:
In the end, it is all a façade>

To add a bit of surprise to what otherwise could be a standard ranch house façade, we wanted the updated ‘face’ of this home to feel as if it were suddenly coming alive and welcoming you as you approach. Driving up from the road, the façade screen appears solid and extremely private, yet as you move closer to face it, views through the screen open, giving glimpses into the hidden second floor courtyard beyond. Adding to the surprise is a subtle egg-shaped indentation carved into the interior of the screen –a bit of an architectural “Where’s Waldo?” that flickers in an out of view as you move past it.

Light Box | Dark Box: RayKo Photography Center:
A scrim of light wraps a darkroom>

RayKo has had a long history as a community hub for photographers in the Bay Area. Their new facility, in a 12,000 sq ft former warehouse, offers digital imaging and scanning tools, rental darkrooms and studios, as well as a retail space and gallery promoting the work of regional artists. We used a translucent stretched scrim as a parapet to hide the proliferation of snaking mechanical ducts above the space that are essential to the darkrooms below. Not only did this function as a shield, but it also created a softly glowing light that serves as both a backdrop to the gallery space and an illuminated beacon from the busy street outside.

Twist and Turn Screen:
Leaning into a material’s latent desire to twist and turn yields unexpected beauty>

We love it when a client asks, “Have you done this before?” and then trusts us to keep going when we say, “Never!” After fretting over how to keep this wood screen ‘perfect,’ we finally leaned into the potential beauty of the imperfect. Instead of fighting nature’s latent desires, we gave into the screen’s impulse to crook, cup, bow, and twist.

Wyatt A. Arnold, Architect:

Wyatt has been a mainstay of S^A since 2005, arriving soon after receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona. While attending the U of A, Wyatt received the M. L. Tophoy Scholarship for excellence in architecture with a focus on the construction trades. Wyatt’s capstone work focused on emerging prefabricated typologies for construction. Wyatt has been involved in every aspect of the practice, becoming a licensed architect in 2013, Principal in 2017, and part owner in 2021.

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