Welcome. We are an architecture and interiors studio that believes in the power of thoughtful design to better connect us to the built environment, the landscape, and each other. Our process is equal parts creativity and pragmatism –so that our work draws out the strongest potential of any site, the resources at hand, and ultimately, the experience of our clients. Design is both a process and an adventure; we see ourselves as both your partner and guide. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Mourning Dovecote:
Nesting boxes for cooing Mourning Doves make a workspace feel like home>

A traditional country ‘dovecote’ houses pigeons or doves, sometimes freestanding but often built into the ends of houses or barns. The Mourning Dove, one of the most widespread of all North American birds, is typically monogamous and is a prolific breeder, raising up to six broods a year. Both sexes take turn incubating, the male from morning to afternoon, and the female the rest of the day and night. Their soft, drawn-out calls sound like laments.

Noe Valley Home:
: An oversized sculptural stair unlocks potential in a constricted urban home>

The stadium-style staircase at the heart of this home on a tight urban site made clever use of the otherwise unusable space above the ceiling of a new ramp to the garage below. We then took inspiration from this slyly monumental move –in the middle of a narrow home– by allowing the stairwells at each level to take on their own character and shift location as they meander up and down the house. Our goal was for the staircases to unite the home and make it feel far larger than its actual square footage.

Dovecote Details:
A personal space inspires bespoke details>

This highly personal and customized project by the architect-owner became a site for exploration and play. We followed every intuition about details that might contribute to the space, hoping to stay just this side of ‘too-much.’ What unites the disparate details of this addition is a sense of movement, craft, and nature.

Lulu Wang:

Lulu, aka Ziyun, completed her Master of Architecture at the California College of the Arts in 2022 where she was honored with multiple Jury prizes for design. In addition, her thesis work –OXYTOCIN: A Continuum of Maternal Health Care– received the top thesis award. Lulu joined S^A shortly after graduation. Before CCA, Lulu completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute, focusing on graphic design, illustration, and photography work –all disciplines which contribute to her architecture work and interests. Lulu is a long way from her home in China, where her parents live alongside her self-described ’baby sister’ Lexi –a sweet golden Labrador who enjoys any and all snacks.

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