The S^A Collection of felt rugs takes inspiration from three unique Californian environments and the recent site-responsive home we designed for each. Working with Peace Industries, a local felt rug designer and their traditional craftspeople in Iran, we designed this collection to reflect on the main architectural idea of each home. As a series, the collection explores how the techniques of traditional felt making can create a sense of movement, gesture, depth, and shadow; all of these are essential elements in our architectural designs, especially those responding to natural sites. Sadly, the political climate at the time halted the production and import of this line. Please contact us for more detailed information.

The home, Crook | Cup | Bow | Twist, highlights the desire of natural materials towards untamed movement. The constantly warping wood solar screen at the eponymous home inspired the design of this rug.

The trellis at the Lichen House recreates a pattern of lichen’s cast shadows. This rug attempts to capture the quality of shadows with color to create depth.

The Modal Home attenuates our perception of natural light with subtle gradations of light and dark.  This rug attempts to recreate this three dimensional quality of subtle gradations of light within the two dimensional felting process.